Beyond the Bay, 2018. Odyssey Books.

“The night before Esther’s ship was due to dock, her sister dreamed of her.”
Auckland at the turn of the century. A city on the cusp of change. Isobel, a settler of ten years, waits for her sister to cross the ocean to join her. Separated by distance, disappointments and secrets, the women reunite in a land where the rules of home do not apply. Women push for the vote and the land offers opportunity and a future for those brave enough to take it. But some secrets run too deep, some changes too shocking to embrace. Against this backdrop of uncertainty and promise, Isobel and Esther have to determine what – and who – means most.

“Vibrant, engrossing, and deeply evocative of time and place; this tale of sisters overcoming betrayals and heartbreak in colonial New Zealand lingered in my mind.” 

Louisa Treger, author of The Lodger

Beyond the Bay is filled with beautiful imagery that brings the wild New Zealand setting alive. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in a panoramic story of love, loss, and awakening against a backdrop of historical change.” 

The International Review of Books

The Bishop’s Girl, 2016. Odyssey Books.

“The body had no name. It was not supposed to be there…”
Jess is a researcher on a quest to give the one-hundred-year-old skeleton, discovered in the exhumed grave of a prominent bishop, an identity. But she’s not sure of her own – her career is stalling, her marriage is failing. She doesn’t want to spend hours in the archives, rifling through dusty papers in an endless search for a name. And when a young man named Hayden makes clear his interest in her, Jess has to decide what is most important to her.

With evocative narrative, this story really pulled me in […] The Bishop’s Girl is a must-read for all fiction fans. 

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